New Soap Molds! July 22 2015

Changing Shape....
Our Soap-by-the-Slice is getting a makeover!
We have finally found a replacement for our old soap loaf pans!  We were on our last few molds and discovered this new mold that creates a soap slice that is easier to hold and looks amazing.  It may look slightly different...the new soap slice is shorter and fatter (which makes it easier to hold and display), but we swear it is the same size as our old version.  The price will not change EXCEPT for the full loaf size, because you will be getting more slices per loaf approx. 6 oz larger than the old version.
The best news is we can make more soap in one day! 

Where the Name LOOVA Originated From October 25 2014

Many people ask where the name "Loova" came from and it's honestly quite a clever story! When starting a new business, having the right name can be just as important as having a reliable product. But coming up with a new-catchy name can be a difficult task and outsourcing that task can be quite costly. In fact, when looking to create "Loova's" name, an outside company wanted over $2,500 just to brainstorm.

Prior to becoming Loova, we sold soaps in Pittsburgh through a wholesale company called "Cosmetic Kitchen." When we wanted to break off and start creating our own soaps, we were told we could keep the name. But after careful consideration, we wanted something more fun and catchy that could also be our own. After weeks of brainstorming and searching for affordable firms, it finally hit Val while she was vacuuming her home!

Eureka --- what is that?  A phrase? Hoover? What names do you think of when it comes to vacuums? They were family names. Then Val thought of other places and products that weren't really words either but someone's name or just made up; Ulta, Revlon, IKEA, etc.  So she took her name, their dog's name and husband's name and just put letters together. After some consideration, Val came up with LOOVA; if you rearrange the O's, it actually says OO Val!  And that just stuck! It also works here because of the word loofah and to this day, people even call us "The Loofah Store."

--Brittney Hinnebusch

Fall is Upon Us! August 16 2014

We have been busy this week  creating soaps and shipping orders out to everyone! And as much as we do not want the summer to end; classes are back in session and September is soon to follow. But with that, our customer-favorite pumpkin scent is back!

This year, we are featuring pumpkin is a variety of different products; soap slices, pumpkin shaped soap, sugar scrub, and even the lotion! Be sure to orders yours today before it's gone!


First Post June 21 2014

This is our first blog post and we are so excited!!! Finally we are updated with a user friendly web site.  Sorry it took so long and thanks for ordering from our old site circa 2005.  I hope you like the new format and if there is anything you dislike or recommend to change or you just want to tell me what a great job I did, email me at  More blogging to come and thanks for reading along our customers rock!