About Us

The first Loova store was opened in 2001 by the now husband and wife team, Jeffrey and Valerie.  They believed that Pittsburgh was in need of handcrafted products for the body and soul made from the finest naturally based ingredients....Yeah there are bath stores and big name pharmacies that carry body gels and lotions, but we wanted to create products to indulge your senses and that were good for your body and soul; with today’s busy lifestyle, people seldom take the time to pamper themselves.  

We unfortunately, no longer have our stores.  I still continue to make soaps and lotions in my off times, between Mom life and work life.  Because, I believe that in order to achieve and maintain a healthy body and mind, it is essential to relax and unwind. LOOVA products are designed to help you to indulge in a relaxing shower or bath while pampering your skin at the same time.  I make each body product in small, fresh batches to guarantee you the finest product.

At Loova, we say everyone has to shower or bathe, why not make it a pampering experience by using the best products for your skin.  We hope you enjoy each product, and we know you will be glad you took that extra time to savor this unique bathing experience.