Where the Name LOOVA Originated From

Many people ask where the name "Loova" came from and it's honestly quite a clever story! When starting a new business, having the right name can be just as important as having a reliable product. But coming up with a new-catchy name can be a difficult task and outsourcing that task can be quite costly. In fact, when looking to create "Loova's" name, an outside company wanted over $2,500 just to brainstorm.

Prior to becoming Loova, we sold soaps in Pittsburgh through a wholesale company called "Cosmetic Kitchen." When we wanted to break off and start creating our own soaps, we were told we could keep the name. But after careful consideration, we wanted something more fun and catchy that could also be our own. After weeks of brainstorming and searching for affordable firms, it finally hit Val while she was vacuuming her home!

Eureka --- what is that?  A phrase? Hoover? What names do you think of when it comes to vacuums? They were family names. Then Val thought of other places and products that weren't really words either but someone's name or just made up; Ulta, Revlon, IKEA, etc.  So she took her name, their dog's name and husband's name and just put letters together. After some consideration, Val came up with LOOVA; if you rearrange the O's, it actually says OO Val!  And that just stuck! It also works here because of the word loofah and to this day, people even call us "The Loofah Store."

--Brittney Hinnebusch

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